Hi! I am Indiwari De Saram

Early Childhood Educator

Social & Emotional Skills

What to expect at different ages and stages of a growing child and how to handle them

Mental Health Awareness

H0w this affects both children and teachers and ways to steer through different scenarios

Relationship Building

Why building healthy relationships early on in a child's life is just important as those they build as a grown-up


Indiwari conducted a three-day programme for the teachers of our school on Montessori equipment and their updated and innovative versions. She had also comprehensively spoken in detail about teaching methodologies and techniques that should be adopted in the classroom and was very emphatic on the teachers' involvement at all aspects. Her interactive qualities paved the way for warm relationship between the teachers and her. We would appreciate if she pays more visits to conduct more sessions on different aspects of teaching. We wish her best of luck and the blessings of God upon her.

Shaminda Silva
Manager Operations/Examinations and Students Affairs
OKI International School